Blogmas Day 8 | Favourite Christmas Songs

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I LOVE Christmas music. From the 1st of December on, it is pretty much all I listen to, and I get so excited when I am walking around the shopping centre, buying Christmas presents, with the Christmas tunes playing in the background. So today I thought I would share my five favourite songs with you all!

15. "Step in to Christmas" Elton John

14. "The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)" Nat King Cole

Blogmas Day 6 | The Christmas Tag

I love doing tag posts, and I thought this would be perfect as it fits in perfectly with the Blogmas theme!

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
I actually covered this on Day 2 of Blogmas, so if you want to see my five favourite Christmas movies, read that here. But if I was to choose a favourite, it would without a doubt be White Christmas. I'm a huge fan of the old classics, and of musicals, so this movie just makes me so happy.

Blogmas Day 5 | Statement Necklace from Argento

So you may have noticed that I am 2 days behind on Blogmas. Because I had decided to do Blogmas so last minute, I haven't had a chance to schedule posts (work really does get in the way of blogging sometimes) so since I've not really been home these past two days I didn't have an opportunity to blog. So on two days over the next week I will be posting two blogs to get myself caught up. Now that that has been explained lets get into the post...

Blogmas Day 3 | Gift Guide for Her

Mini Lipstick Charms | Kate: The Kate Moss Book | Vogue: The Gown Book | Faux Fur Coat | Blue Mini Frame Bag | Chelsea Boots | Diana Camera

Blogmas Day 2 | Favourite Christmas Movies

In the approach to Christmas, I love curling up on the sofa, with a hot chocolate in hand, and a Christmas movie on the TV. So for today's post I thought I would tell you my 5 favourite Christmas movies. I know I said that today I would be talking about Argento jewellery, but silly me accidentally deleted the photos, so that post will have to be postponed for a few days. So on to the post...

Blogmas Day One: Happy 1st of December

Happy 1st of December! The year has flew in, and it's crazy to think we are only 25 days from Christmas. This year, I have decided to really challenge myself, and as a result I am taking part in Blogmas! For those of you who don't know, Blogmas is where you post every day from the December 1st to Christmas. I think a lot of people are planning on making all of the posts Christmas related, but I'm just going to be sticking to posting every day, while trying to make as many as possible Christmas related.