New Day, New Hair

So if anyone follows me on instagram (and if you don't, sort it out and follow me already!), then you might have seen the picture I posted a few days ago saying how much I loved the length of my hair. If you have seen it then you might be wondering why on earth I decided to get 4 inches cut off just 3 days later!

#Bloggersdoitbetter: Shopping for a Bargain

Some of you might know that I am recent university graduate who works part time. As you can probably guess, since I only work part time and have a pretty active social life (sometimes I like to pretend I'm still a student without the actual studying part) I don't really have a lot of money to be spending on clothes and makeup. I mean, if I really wanted to, I could easily go out and spend a few hundred on a pair of shoes or a pretty dress, but I prefer to spend my money on nights out and the odd holiday. So over the past few years I have become pretty good at finding bargains and shopping on a budget, and today I thought I would share some of these tips with you, along with some of my favourite bargains.

Cutters Wharf Belfast Review

Last week, Rosie and myself decided to head to one of our favourite places in Belfast for lunch. Situated in Stranmillis and overlooking the enbankment, Cutters Wharf is a great place to head to for dinner, or simply for a few drinks! Downstairs you can enjoy al fresco dining in the great beer garden, or you can head upstairs to enjoy food in the restaurant, which is what we decided to do.

#HaveYouDiscovered | Bronzers

So we are now onto week 6 of the #HaveYouDiscovered challenge! You may have noticed that I skipped weeks 4 and 5, this is partly due to having no laptop (and therefore no way to blog) for week 5, and because I actually don't have a favourite concealer or powder yet! But I do have a favourite bronzer, and while you have probably all heard of it and read a million reviews on it, I'm still excited to share it with you!

Skincare Haul

If you read my Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum review, then you would know that I have been recently trying to change up my skincare routine as I'm really not happy with my skin at the moment. So a couple of weeks ago (yes, this post is super late... I have been without a laptop) I decided to take a trip into Boots to pick up a few new items. I only bought a couple of things as I hate to change too much of my routine at once incase something doesn't work for me, and I'm left having to decide which out of a bazillion new products I need to stop using. And yes, that is a total exaggeration as I actually don't use that many products.

#BloggersDoItBetter: My Favourite Spring Cocktails

So a few weeks ago I told you that I would be taking part in a new challenge called '#Bloggersdoitbetter' which would involve writing a post on a different topic every fortnight. If you want to read more about this then you can read my original post here or you can read Gemma's post.

The first topic we have been given is Spring. When I first heard Spring I started going through different ideas including favourite lipsticks, nails and a Spring inspired makeup look but then I decided I would take this opportunity to do something little different and step away from the topic of beauty. So today I will be telling you all about my favourite Spring cocktails, two of which are gin based and two vodka based.