Using Twitter to Promote Your Blog

In terms of blogging, social media is one of the most important aspects. You can have the best content and photos, but unless you actually tell people about it, chances are nobody is going to see it. This is where social media comes in. There's many forms of social media you can use; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, but today I am going to be talking about my favourite: Twitter. So read on to discover my top tips for using Twitter to promote your blog.

1. Take part in twitter chats I love twitter chats. I try to take part in as many as my schedule will allow me. There are so many chats that everyone is almost guaranteed to find at least one that they love. For me, my favourites are #bbloggers, #bdib and #thegirlgang. The chats can be on a wide variety of topics, from favourite beauty products, to photography, so you have the opportunity to learn some new things while also having a lot of fun.

2. Talk to other bloggers There's a reason that twitter is my favourite social media platform, and that is the social aspect of it. With other platforms I've found that they are only used for promotion, but with twitter you can actually talk to others and make new friends. Even outside of the twitter chats, I get talking to a lot of different people and if I'm ever feeling down theres always so much support from the other bloggers. Anytime I get talking to somebody on twitter I follow their twitter account and then check out their blogs, youtube channels and other forms of social media.

3. Use an app such as Buffer to schedule tweets Very few of us can be on twitter all day everyday. I work most days 9-6 and this used to mean I struggled to promote my blog as I just didn't have the opportunity to get on to tweet my links. Then I discovered scheduling tweets! There are a few different ways you can do this, and the most popular seem to be Hootesuite and, my personal favourite, Buffer. Both allow you to schedule your tweets for specific times, and Buffer even provides you with analytics which I have found to be very useful.

4. Promote older posts Tweeting links to older posts can be a great way to drive traffic to posts that might otherwise be forgot about. While some people might take the time to search through your older posts a lot of people just read your more recent, which is a shame because you might have some posts you are really proud of that you want people to read, even a year after you first put it up. So don't be afraid to tweet links to your older posts!

5. Link to companies Most companies have twitter, so if you have posted a review or post about a brand, include them in the tweet! That way, if somebody searches the brand on twitter they might come across your tweet. Also there is always a chance that the company might retweet or reply to your tweet which can lead to a lot of traffic to that post!

Do you use twitter to promote your blog? What advice do you have? Also leave your twitter username in the comments so I can follow you all!

Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

We all have those days were we are feeling down. Whether it is over school, relationships are if you're just having one of those days, we all need cheering up from time to time, so for todays post I thought I would share what I do when I need to cheer myself up.

1. Read a book Sometimes when I'm feeling down the only thing that will help me is cuddling up with a good book and escaping into another world. If I'm feeling particularly sorry for myself I love to choose a kids book. Call it childish or immature, but there's just something about reading the stories I loved as a child that really helps to cheer me up.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging tips for beginners

When I started my blog back in September 2013 (I can't believe I've been blogging for so long) I had no clue what I was doing. It wasn't that I was new to the online community- I have been running different websites and youtube channels since I was about 13- but that the whole community is so much more competitive and professional these days. With so many new blogs being started each day, it can be hard to stand out, and before you know it you can feel lost. I know that I certainly did when I first started my blog. So today I thought I would share some of my tips for when you're starting out a blog.

Skincare Routine: Exfoliators and Face Masks

For the final part of my Skincare Routine mini series, I will be telling you all about the products I use randomly throughout the week. This is the part of my routine that I am not yet fully happy with so make sure to let me know of any recommendations you have! If you want to read about the rest of my skincare routine that you can read about my morning routine and my evening routine.

Skincare Routine: Evening

If you have read my previous post you will know that I am currently doing a short series of posts on my full skincare routine. If you haven't read that post, then you can go here to read all about my morning skincare routine. For todays post, I will be telling you all about my evening skincare routine. While there are some similar products, there are also a few new additions so read on to find out more.

Skincare Routine: Morning

When it comes to beauty, I find skincare to be one of the most important aspects. I am constantly on the lookout for new products and I finally think I have found the perfect skincare routine. Over the next three posts I will be telling you my entire routine: morning, evening and then the miscellaneous items I use in-between. Todays post will be all about my morning skincare routine, so lets get into it.

Easter Break to Budapest

Over the Easter break, myself and my two best friends traveled to Budapest for a long overdue adventure. Rosie and I flew from Belfast to London on Easter Sunday night, and then stayed at Laura's house, before the three of us flew on to Budapest early on Monday morning. After a quick and easy taxi journey we arrived at our Apartment. Incase anyone is interested, we stayed at the Lord Residence Apartments. I would definitely recommend these apartments to anybody who wants to visit Budapest. They were cheap, spacious, we had our own bathroom, and the staff were extremely helpful. (Just a warning: this is a picture heavy post!)