Blogmas Day Twenty-Two | Christmas Day

Hello lovelies! For todays blogmas post I thought I would make a return to Christmas related posts and tell you all how our Christmas holidays go! We follow a pretty similar routine every year which has very much become tradition, so I thought it would be fun to share it with you all.

Christmas Eve
I always work until 6pm on Christmas Eve (so not fun) but afterwards the Christmas festivities begin! After a quick nap, we normally try and watch a Christmas film in the living room. Me and my mum crack open a bottle of champagne and we have lots of snacks and and cheese board. We also open our 'Christmas Eve present' which normally consists of a Christmas cup, hot chocolate, candy cane and something like a DVD our a pair of socks.

Christmas Morning
Our Christmas morning are generally pretty low key. For a long time my mum used to work every Christmas morning so we got used to have quiet Christmas mornings. We generally have a lie in, have a shower, and then open one present. Yep, you heard that right, we just open the one. I know a lot of people find this crazy but I like it! It's what I'm used to.

Christmas Afternoon
We go to my Aunty's every year for Christmas Dinner. We normally go up around midday or shortly after and we try to have lunch around two or three. After our starter and main course we always move into the living room where we rest after our huge feed. We normally put on a few Christmas specials, enjoy some drinks and play a few games such as charades.

Christmas Night
In the evening we always have a choice of tasty desserts before opening a few presents while we are at our aunty's. We normally head home around eight or nine, and we stick on some Christmas music and open the rest of our presents. We usually drink some champagne and snack on chocolate while we watch tv and play around with all of our presents for the day.

What do you do on Christmas Day?

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