Blogmas Day Thirteen | What I Love About Christmas

Oh I love Christmas, it's definitely my favourite time of year! There's just so much I love about it, from the lights to the atmosphere to the social activities it brings. So today I thought I would share what I love about Christmas.

The Lights
A bit random, but honestly as soon as the lights start going up at Christmas I am instantly in a great mood! The lights on the trees, the candles that everyone burns, the lights in the town... they just all instantly put a smile on my face.

The Atmosphere
Everywhere you go there is a buzz. Whether you are at the shopping centres or the bars, the place is packed with lots of happy and excited people! People meeting up for the first time in ages, people getting excited because they've found the perfect gift for a loved one... the list goes on.

The Films and Music
I'm never made a secret of the fact I love Christmas music and films, and I've always thought the older the better! I'll be honest, I could watch some of my favourite Christmas films all year long, so I love when it is finally social acceptable to do so.

The Gifts
Not receiving them, but giving them! There's nothing I love more than looking through the shops and finding the perfect gift for my friends or family. Even when I'm broke like I am this year, I always go out of my way to try and treat my loved ones, especially my parents. And of course, I love receiving the presents as well.

I love the social life that comes with Christmas! From my work dinner, to dates to the Christmas markets I love having the opportunity to spend time with my friends and family. And it's always the perfect reunion night for me and my best friends. We book a hotel room, buy some prosecco, exchange presents and then hit the town!

And finally... the food. How could you not love the food? Mince pies, Christmas cake, a turkey dinner... I'm hungry just thinking about it all! And of course Christmas is the perfect excuse to give up on trying to eat 'healthy' and just pig out.

What's your favourite things about Christmas?

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