Blogmas Day Sixteen | Favourite Christmas Jumpers

1. Only A Morning Person... Jumper || 2. Looks Like Cocktails Jumper || 3. I Know What You Did Last Christmas Jumper || 4. Christmas Penguin Jumper || 5. Bauble Christmas Jumper || 6. Nellie Sequin Reindeer Jumper

I have a confession to make... I hate Christmas jumpers. I know, I know, crazy right! I mean, I love Christmas, and I love jumpers, but put the two together and I tend to run away. Which made the research for this post so hard. I just thought most of the jumpers I found to be so tacky (which I suppose might be the point) so to find six that I actually wouldn't mind personally wearing, was a difficult task. But after a lot of searching I succeeded! And I have to say, some of these are actually very cute.

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